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New TinkerList updates

2021 product updates

We know we’re already at the beginning of March but why not inform you still about the best things TinkerList features of 2021 that will help you be more productive? 2022 will be filled with updates & improvements as well such as our new integration with EVS Dyvi (a playout system that allows you to show graphics and texts), exciting

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Timings TinkerList

The importance of timings for talk shows

What are timings and why are they important? As the word speaks for itself, timings are a way of structuring your show according to a specific timing schedule or ‘target timing’. Timings are an essential part of a prerecorded- or live show, as they help you to be in control and respect your allocated airtime of the broadcaster. Especially for

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Scriot writer and showrunner Mathieu Dams De Cooke & Verhulst Show

Writing scripts for talkshows: complete breakdown

What are scripts and who writes them? YES, even talk shows are scripted! A script is essentially the written version of a play, movie, or any other media production that requires a script. Naturally, scripts differ from production to production. For talk shows in specific, the script can be described as a synthesis of the introduction, the following questions and

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Whiteboard vs digital planner

Planning tools & comparisons

Whether it’s the first episode of a new talk show, the second season of a game show, or even a big award show, you’ll need a place to work on preparing projects, content and scheduling guests. We can generally divide the workflow into 3 steps: firstly the ‘idea brainstorm’, secondly the planning of who does what in time and thirdly,

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Rundowns: challenges and tools for talk shows

Rundowns are a necessary tool for any size professional event or show. In a talk show setup, the rundown is a technical translation of the script. It can be called many different things depending on the industry you’re in. Lightweight event might call it an ‘agenda’, while the sports industry will refer to it as a ‘game script’. However, they

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Interview Joe Michalczuk University Of Winchester Journalism

Teaching TinkerList at Uni! Interview with the University of Winchester

TinkerList is applied in many different industries such as podcasting, events, news broadcasting, television,… but also for educational purposes! Therefore, we had a chat with Joe Michalczuk, Program Leader of Journalism at University of Winchester, to find out what that exactly looks like. “They picked it up straight away, it’s been incredibly intuitive for them” Joe Michalczuk, program leader journalism

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HLN TV show presenter in a studio

What a fully automated one-man band studio at HLN Live looks like

Did you know the HLN Live studio is a fully automated news studio? Check our interview and visit to the HLN Live one-man band studio at DPG Media to learn all about it! Special thanks to Head of Technology of News City: Sven Van Vlem to answer all of our eager questions. Hi, Sven. How are you? Hello, I’m doing

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Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year

Our 2022 plans!

How has 2022 been treating you so far? Even though we’re a week in already, we still wish you big fat Happy New Year! ? Here’s what we at TinkerList are looking forward to in the next year: OUR NEW PRODUCT! (JULY 2022) ? To optimize the usability, automatization, and put the user in control on how to set up

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