Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year

Our 2022 plans!

How has 2022 been treating you so far? Even though we’re a week in already, we still wish you big fat Happy New Year! ? Here’s what we at TinkerList are looking forward to in the next year:

  1. OUR NEW PRODUCT! (JULY 2022) ?

To optimize the usability, automatization, and put the user in control on how to set up their personal environment, we are rebuilding our platform from scratch. That’s right, a shiny, brand new product filled with updated features, innovative technology and state-of-the art automations & integrations with your favourite devices and production tools!

Our brand new platform is designed as ‘offline first’, meaning that if the internet shuts down, you can continue working on your show. As soon as you’re connected again, everything and everyone get synced back to the cloud. In that way, no work or time gets lost, ever!

Furthermore, the users will get more power over their templates and platform set-up by configuring their show entirely themselves in TinkerList. This will take us to a fully SaaS approach, where you and the team are in control and can be easily onboarded in using our software, without a lenghty set-up process and need for personal support. Of course, our Customer Happiness team will continue to help you getting the best out of TinkerList and support you in every step you take.

In addition, our automation workflows will make it easier for all editiorial staff and other non-technical staff to autonomously & remotely produce shows, without the need for in-depth technical expertise and knowledge or hiring external technical crew to support the broadcast of your show. Easily hook up your vMix device, teleprompter application or RSS feeds to our platform and you are ready to go.


It is hard to determine wether they will be taking place or not, but we’re excited nonetheless! IBC, The Media Production & Technology Show, DPP Tech Leaders Conference,… Our fingers are crossed and we can’t wait to see you again soon ??


In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re a big fan of the cloud and the way it facilitates workflows. However, there’s a lot of on-premise tools, setups, hardware and other technology in the production of media that is still very cumbersome, complex and stressful to use. Therefore, we’re looking forward to all our developer colleagues in the industry that will come up with handy tools and applications and that we can integrate with to make our lives easier! ? We already have valuable integrations such as,,…


You heard it here first, we are going to build our own one-man-band studio at the office! So we can provide cool videos, podcasts or other audiovisual content with all the latest TinkerList features and updates, all in one wholesome well-equipped studio. Stay tuned! ?


2022 is for growing and that’s what we’re doing. Keep an eye on our website for new opportunities. We’re still looking for Front-end Development Engineers and Sales Heroes at the moment! Feel like joining an inspiring and international team? Check out our current remote positions on our website and get in touch!


We’re planning on feeding you with more interesting content and insights in the media business: articles, webinars, interviews with media people,… and providing you with more insights on how working with TinkerList looks like for different industries. Follow us on our socials and buckle up! ?

Let’s look forward to these exciting plans but not forget how it can change from one moment into the other. For now, just have a great day today and we hope you enjoyed this article! ?