Our vision

The fastest way to create television content

TinkerList is designed out of frustration over the way things are done now in the TV landscape. Stop copy-paste. TinkerList wants to support creative TV makers – not the tech guys – by providing the ultimate user experience when producing content. Making television should be fun!


Meet our team

We are a group of creative media professionals, designers, and technical experts with years of experience in media production and business processes

Erik Hauters


The inspirer of TinkerList, Erik Hauters, has over 15 years of experience as a television director of talk-, music-, panel-, and gameshows. His first-hand observations of editors’, directors’ and producers’ frustrations gave way to TinkerList, an online unified platform to support creative television makers.

Time and time again, I saw writers and producers copy paste content, and waste their energy on tedious jobs. As a director, I was left with scripts that were not the most recent version, videos in the wrong codecs, and images that were dispersed all over the place. So I envisioned one environment, in which all participants of the editorial team (editors, copywriters, graphic designers,…) and the production crew (director, producer, technical operators,..) can collaboratively create and adapt content during all stages of the television production process.

Kurt Victoor

Sales Director & Co-founder

Kurt is our ever enthusiastic sales director and business guru. Kurt studied industrial design and worked several years as a designer until he was ready for his own adventures. He moved to France and started his own architectural firm from scratch. For 5 years he was CEO, leading a creative team and taking care of the business development. In 2015 he joined forces with Erik in order to bring Tinkerlist to the international scene.

Vero Vanden Abeele

UX Director & Co-founder

Vero has been teaching and practicing the art of User Experience design, for over 15 years, as a professor of human‐computer interaction at the University of Leuven (Belgium). She is an expert on the field of usability and user interfaces. As Erik’s sparring -and real life- partner she ensures that UX is no mere gimmick, but remains at the forefront of TinkerList. Vero watches over our team of designers and developers and sees to it that the user always comes first.

Andreas Creten

Technical director & Partner

Andreas is a software engineer and an entrepreneur who loves developing apps and building teams. In 2008, he co-founded madewithlove, an app development company. Andreas loves pushing startups forward, either as a co-founder or CTO. As partner of TinkerList, Andreas supervises the development team, and lends his software architect brains to ensure that TinkerList can scale. As a firm believer in data & knowledge sharing, you’ll also regularly find Andreas working on open-source projects and speaking at conferences.

Argyro Moraiti

Product Architect

Argyro is a UX and Interaction designer educated as an HCI engineer. She is the jack of all trades. Her mission is to ensure UI/UX consistency, design the onboarding of TinkerList, and enable communication between the design and development teams. Part of her work is also the website and marketing of TinkerList.

Márcio de Sousa

Lead Software Engineer

Márcio is our software engineer hero with a background in web applications and telecommunications. He is passionate about front-end work, but he won’t turn his back at the the back-end side of things either. His current interests are mobile applications and full Javascript architectures.

Brendan Clare

Freelance CFO

Brendan is our freelance advisor for all matters related to finance and legal. During his career at imec (former iMinds), Brendan was the focal point of contact towards Tinkerlist within the business incubation program imec.istart (formerly known as iStart). He has meanwhile moved on to another challenge outside imec, but remains committed to the future success of Tinkerlist.

Charlotte de Roey

Customer Happiness

Charlotte is responsible of onboarding, training and taking care of TinkerList users. From the start until the celebration of a successful production and evaluation afterwards. She’s the one to go to with all your questions and suggestions. Gladly she will support you with good advice on how to work with TinkerList. Next to that, she likes to write for the website and social media or is looking for new colleagues to join the TinkerList team.

Gregori Maus

Senior PHP back-end developer

Brazilian and happy by nature, Gregori has been working for almost a decade as a back-end developer, and during this time his love for development has been growing more and more. Although always in search for new technologies and better ways to do what he does, he never leaved aside the PHP language, the apple of his eyes.

Matías Gonzalez

Senior Full-Stack developer

Matías is a systems analyst and passionate full-stack web developer since 2005. Experienced in multiple code languages and different types of problems solving, he is always seeking for a clean solution to every issue, paying a great attention to details at every moment of the process.
On his free time, he enjoys doing kitesurf, rock climbing and snowboarding.

Amber Dewil

Management Assistant

Amber is what you could call a professional organizer. She loves getting papers, financial admin and other administrative stuff organized. She joined TinkerList so that the other team members could concentrate on the company’s core business. Amber also works as a communication professional for the University of Leuven.

Katherina Probsthain

German Market Analyst

Katherina supports the team in preparing marketing campaign in Germany. Her work involves researching and content marketing. She is also in charge of the German translation.




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