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#DDVV: producing a daily quiz with TinkerList

We had a chat on the set of the daily quiz ‘De Dag Van Vandaag‘ with Production Assistant Nele Van Campenhout. Could you describe what you do? I’m a production assistant. It’s a bit different for every program but usually this means I ‘cue’ camera people so they take the right shots. I take care of all the ‘cues’ during

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Automating a game show with De Positivo’s

In the context of our recent interview with the director Dirk Van Tilt and showrunner Tom Bevernage of the Belgian game show ‘De Positivo’s’, we thought it’d be interesting to give you an in-depth overview of the technical setup reducing the technical staff to only 4 people! As mentioned in the article, De Positivo’s was a daily quiz aiming to

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CueScript x TinkerList

Case study: Integrating TinkerList with CueScript

What is CueScript? Anyone who works with prompting has probably heard of CueScript. CueScript designs ingenious, high-quality teleprompting products and systems. Home to the world’s first complete IP-based prompting solution, CueScript features IP throughout its product line, in addition to conventional connections, providing flexibility, choice, and a future-proofed purchase. CueScript also has a dedicated support team and a firm belief

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University of Salford

Teaching TinkerList! University of Salford

We’re already on our third interview with universities so far! This time we’re talking to Matthew Robinson, a student ‘TV & Radio’ at the University of Salford. What’s your name and what do you study at the University of Salford? My name is Matthew Robinson and I study ‘TV & Radio’ at the University of Salford. What does your week

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De Positivo's Customer Interview

De Positivo’s: making a TV quiz with a limited budget and team

Making a whole season of TV quiz with a production team of 8 people and a budget the price of half a ‘The Masked Singer’ episode? It’s possible! Find out how an automated one-man band studio and a motivated crew got this together in our interview with the series producer of ‘De Positivo’s‘ Tom Bevernage and multitasking button wizard aka

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Case study: Integrating TinkerList with

It’s not a secret that TinkerList integrates with a variety of technologies to make our platform as operational as possible. One of our integrations, more specifically the graphic overlay platform, probably sounds familiar to you. In this case study, we will talk about how one of our clients uses both platforms to create a cutting-edge production environment — managed

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Interview student RITCS

Teaching TinkerList at Uni! Interview with the RITCS School of Arts

RITCS School of Arts welcomed us on campus to have chat with one of their students about their studies and getting taught TinkerList at University. I think it would have been a mess. The production that I did with TinkerList would have been a mess if we didn’t have the program. Marie-Lou Obdeijn, Student at RITCS School Of Arts Who

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One-man band setup VRT

The TinkerList customer happiness journey

It’s not always easy to adapt to new technology in a workflow. Your software might be as user-friendly as you claim it to be but being accessible to your customers for any type of question is essential to obtaining a positive brand image and loyal customers. With an average customer response rate of 4min57, at TinkerList, we try to stay

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Thomas Vanderveken

A chat with TV presenter Thomas Vanderveken

If you’re living in Belgium, you’ve probably already heard of Thomas Vanderveken. Thomas is a passionate Belgian presenter, actor and piano player. Considering he has worked as a presenter for several shows with TinkerList such as ‘1 jaar gratis‘, ‘M/V van het jaar‘ and ‘and& Festival’ and as he’s a good friend of our CEO Erik, we were curious about

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