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Introducing CUEZ at Media Production and Technology Show 2023

The Media Production and Technology Show is THE event for the media and broadcast industries. It brings together hundreds of innovative products and companies from all over the globe. Exhibitions, free seminars, and discussions about the aspects of broadcast content creation and technology. And, of course, we couldn’t miss it. This year, we were thrilled to introduce CUEZ and its

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CUEZ by TinkerList is now LIVE!

Hey, folks. June 1 marked a truly important step in our journey — we have officially launched our brand new product CUEZ – Rundown and Script Platform for live broadcasting! One small step for TinkerList, one giant leap for the broadcasting world.  Cuez is a revolutionary product created with everyday broadcasting struggles in mind. We all know how overly complicated

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Revolutionizing Sports Broadcasting with TinkerList – Use Case

In today’s fast-paced sports world, having up-to-date information and broadcasts is essential. Audiences crave high-quality sports broadcasts and productions, especially when it comes to live sports events, and don’t want to miss a beat. Keeping up with these demands while keeping everything cost-effective takes some special technology, which is why TinkerList was created! TinkerList is a comprehensive software solution designed

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Big Productions on a Limited Budget

It is more possible than you might think to produce an entire season of a television show with a very small production team and an even smaller budget than what was originally planned. You merely need to make use of the appropriate tool and collaborate with the appropriate individuals. So the question is, how can a small team accomplish this?

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The companies form strategic partnership, integrating each other’s tools to the benefit of their respective clients Leuven, Belgium, February 8th, 2023 – OOONA, a global provider of professional management and production tools for the media localization industry, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with TinkerList, increasing the functionality of both companies’ platforms to the benefit of their joint

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Why story-based workflows are the future of news

Back in the day, you didn’t have much choice. You could read your daily newspaper, watch the evening news on TV, or listen to the radio as the fastest medium available. News sources were scarce so they were in control: the times of consumption got decided for the consumer. However, we all know times have changed! Let’s deep dive into

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De Warmste Week

Over €5MM for charity facilitated through TinkerList

Raising over five million euros for charity in a week… crazy but possible! Every year in the build-up to Christmas, Belgian public broadcaster VRT organises ‘De Warmste Week‘: a 7-day long, 24/7 live radio and television event. The goal is to raise as much money for charity as possible, but most primarily to spread positivity and warmth. VRT literally brings hundreds of

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Catch us in 2023!

TinkerList wishes you all a healthy and happy Holidays! We look forward to seeing your faces back in 2023 during the following fairs: CIMIx (Vienna) : 12-13 January CIMIx is the first global matchmaking and conference event that brings together the creative economy, business and industry and explores global business opportunities, the advantages of Austria as a production location and

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Klaar voor dé digitale transformatie van de Vlaamse mediasector?

Groot nieuws! Via het digitaal transformatieprogramma voor de Vlaamse mediasector, in het kader van het relanceplan Vlaamse Veerkracht, hebben we samen met partners (zie hieronder), de ondersteuning gekregen om in 2023 ons veelbelovend concept ‘EPIC’ uit te bouwen: een slim newsroom computer systeem dat redacties ondersteunt in een versnipperde en bliksemsnelle nieuwsgaringsomgeving. Nieuws gaat steeds sneller en moet instant gebracht

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