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Production automation for TV shows and broadcasting: The 2022 Ultimate Guide

An introduction to automation Today, automation is everywhere: your car has automatic gear shifts, electric windows, headlights, or wipers come on when the weather asks for it. Or think about how your lights can turn on when you come home when it’s dark. Automation eases actions and workflows incredibly, but is it already a part of your broadcast production flow? 

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Linear vs online news studios: a comparison at VRT NWS

Nowadays we have a myriad of newspapers, TV and radio channels, podcasts, magazines, websites, apps and social media to get our worldly news and updates. We get bombarded with information through all types of media. As there is an endless and continuous information flow due to digitalisation, literally everyone with an internet connection can share and look for the content

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Team Building: The TinkerList Way

When you hear ‘team building’, you usually think about a day filled with sporty and adventurous activities with your colleagues. Going abroad to Northern Africa probably doesn’t immediately cross your mind… Well, with TinkerList, we decided to be a little bit extra: during five beautiful days we connected with the team and enjoyed the energising sun in a tiny Moroccan

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These were our guests in our automated studio at IBC 2022

The International Broadcasting Convention has just finished, what a thrilling experience! For those who haven’t noticed on our social media, we transformed our booth this year into a fully automated news studio, A.K.A. our One-Man-Band. Plenty of guests hopped in our studio such as Benjamin Lardinoit, CEO of On-Hertz, Edward Tischler, CEO of Gravity Media, Raymundo Barros, Technology Director at

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Showing off our One-Man-Band at Future Week in Bergen

On june 11th, our Head of Business Development Aaron presented TinkerList at Future Week of Media City Bergen. Aaron walked the attendees through our STADIEM project, which enabled us to work with the news studios of the two biggest broadcasts in Belgium: VRT NWS and DPG Media. Have a look at his presentation. As Aaron explains in the video, in

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Our mission

We know we post a lot about our projects, experiences and developments, but is it actually clear what we’re working for? What drives TinkerList? Who are we helping? How are we helping? What solutions do we bring to the table? We deconstructed our mission in 4 sweet parts that clarify how we believe TinkerList helps people create live media productions.

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We made it to the STADIEM PILOT PHASE!

Started with over 200 startups and TinkerList is selected as one of the last 4 to go to the STADIEM PILOT Phase. Words can’t express how proud we are… Proud of our team, achievements and of course, proud of the other contestants Trensition, FilmChain and Zazu ! For this occastion, our dearest sales hero Aaron Nuytemans will be presenting TinkerList

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FH St Pölten c-tv Conference

Virtual production at the c-tv Conference 2022

Every year, the students of the Fachhochschule St Pölten in Vienna organise the ‘c-tv Conference‘, supported by TinkerList. The event gathers students, guests and specialists in the media and technology industry across Europe to connect and inform each other about new developments. We’re beyond honoured to support the preparation and event itself with our platform! This year, the conference is

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#DDVV: life of a Producer and Autocue Operator during a daily quiz

We had the opportunity to talk to Producer and Autocue Operator Elien on the set of the daily quiz ‘De Dag Van Vandaag’. So actually… TinkerList is our holy platform. elien – producer & autocue operator Hello Elien, how are you? I’m good! We’re about to start the show so there’s always some tension right before. So yeah… I’m excited!

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