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SPORTS / Villa Sporza – VRT


EVENT / Web Summit 2020

SPORTS / Van Hier tot in Tokio – Woestijnvis

LIVE EVENT / Rock Werchter Festival 2019 – Canvas

VISUAL RADIO / Spraakmakers – kro-ncrv

TALENT SHOW / Got What It Takes – BBC Kids

TALK SHOW / De Vooravond – BNNVARA

TALK SHOW / M – Human Factor TV


TALK SHOW / Gert Late Night – SBS

SPORTS / Extra Time – VRT

GAME SHOW / De Zwakste Schakel – FremantleMedia

GAME SHOW / 1 jaar gratis – VRT

TALK SHOW / RTL Boulevard – FremantleMedia

LIVE EVENT / The Golden Stag – TV Romania

EVENT / Lego Masters Poland – Endemol Shine Group

TALK SHOW / RTL Late Night – FremantleMedia

GAME SHOW / Twee tot de zesde macht – Koeken Troef!

TALK SHOW / Ladies Night – PilotStudio

GAME SHOW / Veel TamTam – Fremantle Belgium


GAME SHOW / De Positivo’s – PIT.

TALK SHOW / Café Hendriks & Genee – ITV Studios Netherlands

EVENT / De Canvas Popnacht – VRT

TALK SHOW / Zomer Met Art – FremantleMedia

VISUAL RADIO / De Madammen – VRT

TALK SHOW / Koffietijd – Talpa

SPORTS / Vive Le Velo – VRT

TALK SHOW / 5 Uur Show – Talpa

GAME SHOW / Ik Weet Er Alles Van – FremantleMedia

GAME SHOW / De Smerige Quiz – EO

GAME SHOW / Switch – Tuvalu

GAME SHOW / Wat Een Jaar – Lecter Media

GAME SHOW / Praat Nederlands met me – FremantleMedia


TALK SHOW / Gert Last Year – SBS

GAME SHOW / The Weakest Link – ATV Turkey

RADIO / De Warmste Week 2017 – VRT

REPO / Over Eten – VRT

VISUAL RADIO / De Warmste Week 2019 – VRT

PANEL SHOW / Van Algemeen Nut – liefhebbers

VISUAL RADIO / De Warmste Week 2018 – VRT

GAME SHOW / De Keuring Van Waarde – BlazHoffski

TALK SHOW / Groeten van Max – Tuvalu

GAME SHOW / Switch – Tuvalu

GAME SHOW / Een Goed Stel Hersens – Blue Circle

TALENT SHOW / Steracteur Sterartiest – VRT

DATING SHOW / Matchmakers – Roses Are Blue

GAME SHOW / Smart & Dart – Skyhigh TV

GAME SHOW / De Drie Wijzen – Dedsit

PANEL SHOW / Kan Iedereen Nog Volgen – Warner Bros

REPO / Iedereen Beroemd – VRT

REPO / Voor Hetzelfde Geld – VRT

TALK SHOW / Kalmte kan u redden – VRT

GAME SHOW / Quiz van het Jaar – De Chinezen

TALK SHOW / Karen en Decoster – VIER

GAME SHOW / M/V van het Jaar – VRT

GAME SHOW / Boeva and the games – VRT

SPORTS / Fanatico – Bonka Circus

GAME SHOW / De 12de Man – De Mensen

GAME SHOW / De Allesweter – VRT

GAME SHOW / Is er WiFi in Tahiti – De Mensen

GAME SHOW / Is er flan op de Mont Blanc – De Mensen

PANEL SHOW / Advocaat van de Duivel – Pretpraters

PANEL SHOW / Bart & Siska – VRT

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    What our fans say about TinkerList

    With TinkerList, a lot of editorial and production activities are bundled into one platform, finally. You feel that TinkerList is developed, starting from the needs of its users, the platform is at the service of those users and their creativity. As a result, it is not only user-friendly, but time-saving as well.

    Tom Lenaerts, Producer and presenter KKUR, Founder Panenka

    What we found in TinkerList and nowhere else, is an intuitive and highly flexible tool to streamline group collaboration on our tv show, while always keeping an easy overview of the entire process. I would recommend it to anyone!

    Jonas Geirnaert, Showrunner, Woestijnvis

    As lead producer and show runner, TinkerList is ingenious in its simplicity to make television, from start to finish. From ordering ideas to brainstorms, to writing out scenarios, to consultations with directors and executive producers while recording in studio. TinkerList saves you from messing around with different versions of print outs, different versions of research work, etc. At every step in the process, you maintain overview.

    Johan Terryn, Showrunner, ManOverboord

    TinkerList was a huge help in the process of making ‘WiFi in Tahiti’. Everyone in the editorial team is raving about all the possibilities TinkerList offered and will offer us in the future. We are huge fans and proponents of working with TinkerList in the future.

    Bram De Ryck, Showrunner Wifi In Tahiti, deMensen

    Ward D’Hulst
    In every feature, you notice that TinkerList is made by TV makers. The platform really invites to work collaboratively and creatively. And that’s mostly because of the ease-of-use and the work logic. I am absolutely no geek or early adopter, but even for me TinkerList extremely usable and logical.

    Ward D’Hulst, Showrunner, De Allesweter, VRT

    Bart Cannaerts
    When I reflect on how we worked before TinkerList, this was really old-fashioned.. Finally, we are making television like we should in the 21st century. Now we are using TinkerList from the start of an idea until recording in studio. If you imagine how unwieldy we worked before, with TinkerList we took 17 steps ahead!

    Bart Cannaerts, Showrunner KKUR and Switch

    Pauwel Loncke
    TinkerList was for our team a convenient way to store ideas and information, and to be up to date of what the other team members were doing. It enabled us to store all important content in one location.

    Pauwel Loncke, Writer, Fanatico, BonkaCircus

    TinkerList is a completely new way of television making. The flow remains the same but now, we can focus 100% on creativity and the end result. We couldn’t do without anymore

    Sam Van Hellemont, Showrunner Bart&Siska, Alaska

    Bart Delathouwer
    Tinkerlist reduced our efforts to integrate the game themes and questions by 80%, and allowed for real-time ‘last minute changes’ without having to stop the show. No more copying movies and still from an external hard drive to the graphics machine, hours before the show. Tinkerlist reduced the time-before-game to literally zero minutes. It allows for last minute creativity and real-time integration with the gaming software – not having to waste time preparing graphics and needless copying from remote systems to the in-studio graphics machine.

    Bart Delathouwer, Game Software Developer, Cue Graphics

    With TinkerList we compose our show in an intuitive manner, and we maintain oversight, with the entire team, in every sage, from the first formulation of a question, to the finished script for an episode.

    Hans Van Gasse, Showrunner Allesweter, VRT

    With every production I ever worked on, after a while you would get lost in a horrible folder structure. Since TinkerList, this is not only more clear, also the exchange of information between the different roles, and between the different stages in production is much more fluent. Even this fluent, that I cannot think of how we managed this before.

    Tom Baetens, Creative Writer, Panenka

    Theo de Moree
    Flexible and versatile. For us game software developers, this is the ideal back-end. Every show should make use of TinkerList.

    Theo de Moree, Game Software Developer, MarketGraph

    Jo Badisco
    TinkerList offers us, television producers and content writers, the ideal tool to assemble every single part of the tv making process. Out with the chaotic collection of documents, databases and sheets to have everything covered, in with a user-friendly, transparent and highly efficient tool.

    Jo Badisco, Creative Writer, Panenka

    Sara De Gols
    Thanks to TinkerList we can give free rein to our creativity, in a structured way. No ideas are lost, everything is immediately cast in the correct patterns. It saves us valuable time.

    Sara De Gols, Showrunner, deMensen

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