A dedicated TV Show Scripting Platform.

25% more efficient
Shorter production time
Higher creative quality
Less stress

TinkerList Script rich with media and multiple views

Script View

One script for everyone

Only one version. Multiple views. Build a script enriched with media, together. Collaborate in real time. Navigate easily through it. Adjust the view to your needs. Whether you’re a director, a technician, a presenter.

Script view
Timings view
Rundown view

Powerful Calendar

A powerful calendar

Organize everything. From scheduling talkshow guests to crew planning. Create a link between content and time. Always be on top of what’s going on.

What we found in TinkerList and nowhere else, is an intuitive and highly flexible tool to streamline group collaboration on our tv show, while always keeping an easy overview of the entire process.

TomLenaerts – Jonas Geirnaert, Showrunner Woestijnvis

Presenter Tablet in sync with your script

Presenter tablet in sync with TinkerList script

Go paperless. Navigate through the script. Receive instant messages from the crew. Preview media content.

I always have the most recent updates. It is customised to what I need to see.

TomLenaerts – Tom Lenaerts, Producer and presenter KKUR, Founder Panenka

Media automatically ends up in the studio

Media ends up in our Cuez app.

Trigger media from our Cuez app with zero latency. Compatible with most used studio devices. Synced with TinkerList script.

Prompter pulls content directly from script

Sync content with the prompter

Directly. Prompt your script. Pull content directly from your scripts, updating in real-time as changes are made.

TinkerList is a completely new way of television making. The flow remains the same but now, we can focus 100% on creativity and the end result.

Sam Van Hellemont – Sam Van Hellemont, Showrunner Bart&Siska Alaska

A complete workflow in sync with all devices.

Platform for creative television

Despite major technological progress in the television landscape – like HD, 4K, 8K – there are still no innovative and fully integrated tools to support television production teams in creating content and managing workflows. TinkerList bridges the gap between the writers room and the recording studio. It streamlines the entire process from early ideation to scripting, from recording to royalties handling.

Increase your margin up to 25% by shortening production times, by saving on software licenses that only provide part of the solution and by fully monetizing your creative content. TinkerList brings order out of chaos for you to win up to 40 hours per episode.

It is the first unified, online platform, for creative television teams

No extra hardware, system software or heavy training required

Collaborating in TinkerList is fun and efficient


Packed with all the tools you need

An online platform
  • No extra hardware

    To use TinkerList, all you need is a computer. No extra devices are required.

  • No extra software

    Our platform is hosted online, so you can get started right away.

  • Always in sync

    TinkerList is a web and mobile application. All changes to your content are kept in sync across your devices.

We’ll get you all set up
  • Training

    Get the hang of TinkerList easily through our trainings. TinkerList organises workshops to boost your team’s productivity.

  • Made with know-how

    Get advice, tips or assistance from our expert staff with years of experience in the media field.

  • Tailored to your needs

    The TinkerList team is here to assist you with requirements specific to your project.

Always on call to support you
  • Academy

    Getting started with TinkerList is easy, but any bumps on the road are easily fixed with our video tutorials, covering all the basics of the platform.

  • FAQ

    More complicated issues that users regularly bump into are easily resolved with a look at our FAQ page.

  • Talk to us

    Our team is here to help you with any issues you might have. Contact us on the platform or through the website.

TinkerList users

Get full creative control of your show in one organized environment, from early ideas to the last details of your script.


Keeping track of guests, sources and rights has never been easier. Stay organized and save time!


Reach full creative potential with multi-media scripts that can be edited at any time, by everyone on the team.



Create a talk show

Create new ideas, fine-tune them together, keep a comprehensive list of guests, enrich your content with audiovisual media – whatever it is you need, TinkerList can provide it.

Create a game show

Whether you need to brainstorm about game categories, write down questions or finalize the script of an upcoming episode, TinkerList accompanies you in every step of the way.

Create a documentary

TinkerList helps you to stay organized throughout the entire creative process: brainstorming, sorting through ideas, writing content and scripting stories.

  • Switch | Panenka
  • Switch | Panenka
  • Switch | Panenka
  • Switch | Panenka
  • Switch | Panenka
  • Switch | Panenka
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Van Gils & Gasten | VRT
  • Voor hetzelfde geld | VRT
  • Voor hetzelfde geld | VRT
  • Voor hetzelfde geld | VRT
  • Voor hetzelfde geld | VRT

Save up to 25% of your time and money

and spend it on what matters most, making great television shows





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TinkerList was selected to be part of the iMinds iStart Business Incubation Program. iStart offers funding, in-depth coaching, facilities and support, in addition to a safe and stimulating environment to develop and grow our business. Read more about TinkerList as iStarter.

VRT (National Broadcast Flanders) joins forces with startups to boost media innovation.TinkerList was selected to participate in SANDBOX, and gets a unique chance to scale and develop with access to VRT’s infrastructure and technological resources. Read more about TinkerList on Sandbox.

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