De Warmste Week

Over €5MM for charity facilitated through TinkerList

Raising over five million euros for charity in a week… crazy but possible! Every year in the build-up to Christmas, Belgian public broadcaster VRT organises ‘De Warmste Week‘: a 7-day long, 24/7 live radio and television event. The goal is to raise as much money for charity as possible, but most primarily to spread positivity and warmth. VRT literally brings hundreds of thousands of people closer together at the event. The unique thing is that donators can pick a charity to their personal liking that is linked to a specific theme. This year’s theme was under-privilege.

TinkerList has always loved working with VRT, but this collaboration is especially close to their hearts. TinkerList completely adapted its online platform to the unique and complex production of ‘De Warmste Week‘. The radio hosts of VRT’s main radio stations StuBru and MNM Kawtar Ehlalouch, Eva Deroo, Fien Germijns, Siska Schoeters and Sander Gillis had to provide 24/7 instant information management and constant content production. With every registered donation and every scheduled song in the rundown, with every text sent out to donators, TinkerList helped to make this incredible event happen and contributed to a week full of positivity and warmth.

TinkerList is looking forward to another ‘De Warmste Week‘ next year!