Showing off our One-Man-Band at Future Week in Bergen

On june 11th, our Head of Business Development Aaron presented TinkerList at Future Week of Media City Bergen. Aaron walked the attendees through our STADIEM project, which enabled us to work with the news studios of the two biggest broadcasts in Belgium: VRT NWS and DPG Media.

Have a look at his presentation.

As Aaron explains in the video, in news making we went from big operator-based galleries to small ‘idiot-proof’ (as Aaron likes to call it ????) automated news studios. TinkerList has three core features that enable these automated studios to bring news faster and instantly in a fast-paced digital environment:

  1. planning
  2. scripting and rundown
  3. Automations

In that way, TinkerList enables remote and paperless production, drives down costs, bridges the gap between the writer’s room and the recording studio, and streamlines the entire process from early ideation to scripting and from recording to archiving.

With our platform, you let technology do the work instead of operators. Therefore, the production team can focus more on content rather than the technological aspect of news making.

Thanks to automation, sound-based camera switching and beforehand prepared templates with lower thirds, logos and other visuals that are fed to the screen, the presenter is in full control, only by hitting a spacebar or clicking a mouse. This makes it very easy to create shows at an unprecedented tempo.

Moreover, TinkerList interface and technology is incredibly flexible and intuitive:

  • Device agnostic: TinkerList has an open API which enables integration possibilities with an infinite amount of software and hardware (eg vMix, EVS, TriCaster, vizrt,…).
  • You can build your show completely equipped with the technology to your liking
  • You’re no longer restricted to what an integrator tells you what to buy

Lastly, we value your feedback. Do you have any feature requests or critiques for our platform? Feel free to send us an email at