FH St Pölten c-tv Conference

Virtual production at the c-tv Conference 2022

Every year, the students of the Fachhochschule St Pölten in Vienna organise the ‘c-tv Conference‘, supported by TinkerList. The event gathers students, guests and specialists in the media and technology industry across Europe to connect and inform each other about new developments. We’re beyond honoured to support the preparation and event itself with our platform!

This year, the conference is dedicated to virtual production. Virtual production methods are increasingly applied in film production and show many opportunities for the future. They are already changing the way we think about filmmaking.

Therefore, at the c-tv Conference 2022 you can expect keynotes, discourses and best practice examples from and with pioneers in the field of virtual production. In addition, there are masterclasses for students.

In concrete:

WHEN: 2/06/2022  13:00 – 21:00
WHERE: Campus St. Pölten

Anyone is welcome, you can attend in person or follow the livestream (link to be found on the 2nd of June on their website). Check out their program and register now for free!

Check out our interviews with coordinator Tony Gregory and his students: