Our mission

We know we post a lot about our projects, experiences and developments, but is it actually clear what we’re working for?

???? What drives TinkerList?

⚪ Who are we helping?

???? How are we helping?

⚪ What solutions do we bring to the table?

We deconstructed our mission in 4 sweet parts that clarify how we believe TinkerList helps people create live media productions. ????????

“We enable creative teams to focus on their content. Together, from anywhere and with the tech they LOVE.”

tinkerlist 2022
  1. We provide workflow tools for editorial teams and other non-technical production people. They decide how to use our rundown and integrate it with the technology to their liking. Flexibility is key!
  2. Content is king. Thanks to our automation and user-friendly tool, they don’t need to worry about mastering the technical part behind production. Easy breezy.
  3. We focus on working cloud-based, remotely, collaboratively and real-time. However, coming together and working with our platform in person is absolutely no problemo.
  4. Our open tool is able to integrate with ANY preferred technology, which makes it usable and flexible in ANY setup.

Thus, we make you focus on creativity and let technology do the work.