TinkerList Calendar media production

Using the TinkerList calendar to efficiently organise and plan your show

When starting a new production, whether it’s the first episode of a new talk show, the second season of a game show, or even a big award show, you’ll need a place to work on preparing items, scheduling guests, writing scripts and creating rundowns. Cue the TinkerList calendar!

At a glance, you can see what’s happening this week and who is working on what.

Calendar segments & categories

The TinkerList calendar can hold all sorts of information, neatly organised in ‘segments‘. You can create as many segments as you need, give them a color to be easily recognised and even set a default card type. This gives you complete freedom over what you want your calendar to look like.

Create a segment to prepare the items to discuss in your talkshow. Make one for guest sheets so you know who’s coming and what they need. A segment to plan your team always comes in handy. And how about a dedicated segment to collect your call sheets? Everything is possible.

This way, the content is directly linked to the date & time. It’s basically your database, weekly calendar and content planner all-in-one!

If you work with multiple teams, you can even assign categories to calendar segments. You could create a category for each team, allowing everyone to filter the calendar to only show the segments they need to see and create a personalized view. Do you want to see everything? Simply choose to ‘Show all segments’.

Want to get started with calendar segments? Check out this Help Center article.

Script templates

The calendar not only gives you a way to plan and organise your days, it also allows you to create your scripts and rundowns on the exact day that you need them.

As different episodes of a show often use a script that has the same building blocks each time, it makes sense to use a template. With TinkerList, you can easily turn any script into a script template and have it easily accessible from the calendar. No more copy-pasting or duplicating scripts, simply go to the day of the show in the Calendar and hit that plus-button: a new blank rundown will be created from the template, making the process that much faster.

Want to know more about script & rundown templates? Check out these Help Center articles:

Tags & colors

Never lose overview when collaborating with a whole team of editors, show runners, directors and hosts on the same content. How? Easy! By assigning tags or colours to your items on the Calendar, you can immediately see at a glance who is working on what.

Checking in on the status of a guest that has confirmed or how far along the editors are on writing up their topics has never been easier. In a few clicks, you can create and add tags and categories with coloured icons or initials. Or how about creating tags per theme to keep an overview of the diversity of topics you are covering today?

Whether you’re working on a long-running show or a one-off season, being able to search your archive is crucial and beneficial for the editorial team to avoid double work or making errors. By tagging your content, you can easily retrieve content of the past by conducting targeted searches on the platform based on your tags and keywords.