TinkerList at MediaRoad Launch Event & VRT Sandbox Creative Circle VI

We were more than happy to be part of the MediaRoad Launch Event and VRT Creative Circle VI event that took place on 9 October 2017 at EBU.

The MediaRoad Project project aims to bring a community of researchers, content creators, broadcasters and startups together all over Europe, with presentations by leaders of the three project hubs – Sandbox, Policy and Network.

During the past months the production of Van Gils & gasten at VRT have been using with great success the TinkerList platform. As part of the VRT Creative Circle VI, Geert Van Winkel, director of Van Gils & gasten, VRT and Erik Hauters, owner of Tinkerlist, presented how TinkerList was used during the production of the show.

Erik Hauters and Geert Van Winkel presenting Rundown

Erik Hauters and Geert Van Winkel presenting Rundown

Erik and Geert shared the experiences that were gained through our collaboration. They showcased how TinkerList was successful in making their production more efficient and intuitive.

Working with the production of Van Gils & gasten has been very beneficial for us as well, since we gathered important user feedback which we are currently integrating in our products. Our goal is to improve our product experience and quality constantly and gain as much insight as possible from every collaboration with our clients/partners.

It was our pleasure to be part of a VRT Sandbox event and we got the opportunity to follow impressive and innovative presentations.