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Remote collaboration in script writing and content creation.

Even when you're not in the same office, you can work together as a team on creating scripts and rundowns, researching subjects or discuss media for your TV show.

Web based

No servers or installation needed. Our platform runs in your internet browser, so you can sign in and work anywhere, anytime.

One script, different views

Work together on the same script and rundown, instead of creating separate documents. Have a different view based on your needs

Powerful calendar to keep overview

See at a glance what is happening this week and who is working on what. Follow up on research, progress in the script and where the team is at

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Short personal demo included

You're in good company

TinkerList is has been adopted by both large and small teams in the TV production business

RTL Late Night - Blue Circle

More and more talk shows are being recorded remotely, where the studio is not on the same location as the editorial team and production's unit. Big teams like Blue Circle - Fremantle Media, are working together on several talk shows and game shows like RTL Late Night, Beau, Zomer Met Art and The Weakest Link, require one unified platform where all changes and updates are visible, anywhere, anytime.

Vive Le Velo - VRT

The Belgian Vive le Velo show reports on the Tour de France, live from where the cyclists are. Teams in the Brussels studio and in remote field locations collaborate seamlessly in real-time on TinkerList. Even with a lack of cell-phone connection or wifi amidst the cows they can access all content and the latest version of the script.

Got What It Takes - BBC Kids

Talent shows and other multicam live shows require a strict camera scripting, helping the director and director's assistant to script every live performance into an amazing act on TV. With our inline camera scripting feature, both the director and technical crew and everyone preparing the BBC production Got What It Takes were working in one document. One script, that was easily turned into a rundown with notes and scripted cameras.

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Short personal demo included