TinkerList in De Tijd

May 29, 2016

We are very happy to share our news via the prestigious newspaper De Tijd, the Belgian newspaper that mainly focuses on business and economics. De Tijd published the investment of Tom Lenaerts, Bart Cannaerts and Katleen Maes in our company TinkerList.

The successful stand-up comedian Bart Cannaerts and the talented TV maker Tom Lenaerts, together with Katleen Maes from the Panenka production made an investment of 100,000 euros in our company.


Bart Cannaerts, the talented stand-up comedian, bio engineer by training,.


‘Then Tom and Bart informed me they were interested in investing in the business’

Erik Hauters


Tom Lenaerts, the successful TV maker known among other things the Pappenheime.


The investment will be used to improve our software and step up our sales efforts. A first version of TinkerList is already been used by the VRT (Belgian National Television) and some local production houses, but we are hoping to get TinkerList in the US.

We’ve also explained to De Tijd on our vision to turn over a foothold in the US .

We have to take TinkerList abroad. In Belgium TinkerList is already been used by the VRT, Telenet and the production houses Woestijnvis, Panenka, Bonka Circus, The People, The Chinese and Alaska.

Erik Hauters

Read the full articles that were published on the 26th of May, 2016  and on the 15th of April, 2016 in De Tijd.