Selection by iMinds

June 2, 2016

TinkerList was selected, with five other startups, out of 69 competitors as most promising. TinkerList is now part of the iStartBusiness Incubation Program. iMinds’ iStart  offers us in-depth coaching, facilities and support, next to a safe and stimulating environment for us to develop and grow our business.

Erik Hauters, owner of TinkerList  explains: “As a director of shows and quizzes I am constantly facing the same difficulties each time, to bring together creative content and share it with all project stakeholders. This was the starting point, to think how it could be improved. Even more important, is to know whether this is shared by other persons who participate in TV productions such as editors, directors, producers, etc. So by listening to the different target groups, we were able to identify the top three specific issues. First, the main problem is that there is a wide range of generic and non-specific tools. Second, these tools are spread across many users and they do not always provide real-time access. Third, they show no flow to content across the various production stages.”

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