Are you curious how we came to the conclusion that we will save you up to 25% of time, money and energy? Below you find a list of tasks that become superfluous when starting to use TinkerList. But don’t just take our word for it, also read the testimonies of our happy customers.


Tasks that become redundant for a daily talkshow

Task Functions Man hours saved
Organize graphics and transfer graphics to character generator assistant director, technical operator 2h/episode
Organize video and transfer video to playout server assistant director, technical operator 2h/episode
Copy-pasting content into a cms assistant producer 4h/episode
Extra visions in editing unit, since edited video is not available online assistant producer, lead producer, director 8h/episode
Transcoding of online video to video usable for editing technical operator 2h/episode
Gathering content and organising it for try out graphic designer, assistant producer 32h/series
Loss of time because of researching content on dropbox, local servers, google docs, … assistant producer, lead producer, graphic designer 10h/episode
Delivering content for teleprompter, presentation cards for host, scripts,… assistant producer, lead producer, autocue operator 5h/episode
Creation of extra documents for rights handling, rundown for technical operator… assistant producer, lead producer, graphic designer 2h/episode
Total savings per episode: 35 Hours
Total savings per series: 6300 Hours (180 episodes)

Cost savings for a daily talkshow

Description Hourly cost Costs
Saving hours 45 weeks x 4 episodes = 180 episodes x 35 hours = 6.300 hours  30 € 189.000 €
iNews license 15.000 €
Printing Costs 500 €
Photoshop license 720 €
Total: 205.220 €

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