Check out how TinkerList supported ‘De Warmste Week’

WACHTEBEKE, Belgium (18 – 24 December 2017)

TinkerList was at the heart of the ‘De Warmste Week’ production. Over forty team
members (radio directors, TV directors, presenters, web developers and graphic designers) worked together in one single collaborative script in TinkerList that drove the workflow
of ‘De Warmste Week’.

Steven Lemmens (radio director at Studio Brussels), Sophie De Vadder (TV director at één) and Bram Willems (radio presenter at Studio Brussels and one of the hosts of ‘De Warmste Week’) explain how they’ve been using the TinkerList platform and the different media tools throughout the whole week.

Watch the video below to check out how ‘De Warmste Week’ used TinkerList to increase their workflow.

TinkerList is the first unified platform for creative television makers! Our collaboration tools are designed out of frustration over the way things are done now in the TV landscape. Stop copy-pasting and increase your efficiency by at least 25%! TinkerList wants to supports creative TV makers – not just the tech guys – by providing the ultimate user experience when producing content.

Each year, in the week before Christmas, Studio Brussels organises Music For Life in order to raise money for a good cause. In 2017 Music For Life was organised from 18 until 24 December in Provinciaal domein Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke, Belgium. People from all over Belgium were able to organise and support various charity events and donate money to local and global good causes. Music For Life was able to raise an astonishing 10.846.566 EUR for more than 1.000 different good causes. The entire week was broadcasted live on radio (Studio Brussels) and television (één).