kan iedereen nog volgen lieven scheire

Another day, another show

VILVOORDE, Belgium (21 March 2018)

Kan iedereen nog volgen?
The new science quiz show from Lieven Scheire got a warm welcome from the public last night with their first episode to air on VTM.

The production team, consisting of only 4 writers and 10 crew-members, were working together on TinkerList for almost 4000 hours to create 8 episodes. We’re happy to see that our hard work is paying of by watching teams use the platform to its full potential; An all-round tool for creative television teams, working together, as it should be.

Our collaboration tools are designed out of frustration over the way things are done now in the TV landscape. Increase your efficiency by at least 25%! TinkerList wants to supports creative TV makers – not just the tech guys – by providing the ultimate user experience when producing content.

“The future starts tomorrow! Enjoy” – Lieven Scheire